These routes are topic rather than subject related. To see this list, click on 'routes'. If a subject-route is required, click on 'search' and type the subject name.

All pages can be printed, including the gateway page. The most likely pages to be printed are the teachers' notes and children's activity sheets. These can be printed directly from the website, but the best way to print is to first download the Word document (by clicking on the icon at the top of the page) and print the pages you require from Word. This enables the pages to print out in the format intended by the authors, and has the added benefit of allowing teachers to modify the children's sheets to suit their own needs and to provide appropriate differentiation.

Most of the can also be printed, but this can take some time, depending on the computer hardware the school uses. Some activities require the printing of several images. If this presents a problem, please contact us at the CIEC.

This is the interactive page, which provides the starting point, or gateway, to each classroom activity. Each gateway has images, questions and information to promote discussion of a particular topic. To interact with the gateway, move the cursor across the screen, and the arrow will become a hand when an interactive element is available. Some elements will be activated by the movement of the cursor (such as 2 still images, or the appearance of text explaining the image), whereas others will need to be clicked on with the mouse (such as animations, slide shows, etc.)

It is hoped that teachers will spend 15-30 minutes using this page to introduce the classroom-based activity that follows each gateway.

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