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Welcome to Children Exploring Colour and Industry, an interactive website for use by primary school teachers with 9-11 year olds. This site aims to introduce children to the importance, value and excitement of colour and the colour industry through a range of learning activities. Currently, there are 26 activities from which the teacher can select. Each activity is linked to curriculum statements and covers one or more of the following subjects:

          • Science
          • English/Literacy
          • Mathematics
          • Art
          • Design and Technology
          • Geography
          • History
          • Information and Communication Technology.

We aim to provide a flexible resource. Any number of activities can be carried out, and in any order. Topic routes are suggested, which can also be seen by clicking on 'routes' at the top of the screen.

Each activity begins with an interactive screen, the 'gateway' to the classroom activity. This gateway provides images, animations, information and questions to promote discussion of a particular topic. This discussion is intended to take about 30 minutes of class time. The children then carry out an activity without the computer.