The activities within this website have been devised and written by Liz Hayward and Joy Parvin, with assistance from a number of organisations and individuals listed below.

We wish to thank Miranda Stephenson, Liz Hubbard and Valmai Firth of the Chemical Industry Education Centre for the considerable support given to us during this project. We would also like to thank Kath James, who has spent time trying out the practical activities on this website.

The development of the website would not have been possible without the sponsorship, willing assistance and resources coordinated by the British Colour Makers Association (BCMA) and the Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC).

The British Colour Makers Association represents the manufacturers of pigments used in paint, ink and plastics. These companies make their colours in different parts of the country, maybe in a factory near your school or where you live. If you would like your school to arrange a visit to one of these factories, there is a complete list of member companies on our BCMA website at

Particular thanks go to Frank Hauxwell (Secretary for the BCMA) whose enthusiasm ensured the initiation of the project and gained additional support from the following organisations and member companies:

Clariant, Leeds
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Chemicals Directorate.
EC Pigments Limited, Stockport
Environmental and Toxicological Association of Dyestuff Manufacturers (ETAD)
Holliday Pigments, Hull.

Peter Taylor, of Holliday Pigments, has dedicated a great deal of time to supporting the project, and provided us with a continuous helpline, offering invaluable information and images to include on the website.

The Society of Dyers and Colourists is the professional chartered society devoted to advancing the science of colour. It serves the global coloration industry through partnership, education and knowledge, skills-training, publications, research, technical products and standards setting. They are also guardians of heritage through the Colour Museum (sited in Bradford, West Yorkshire), Europe's only museum dedicated to the history and technology of colour. Visit their website at to find out much more.

Kenneth McGhee (Chief Executive and General Secretary) together with Sarah Burge (Museum Curator), have provided key support for the project. Sarah Burge has helped us locate archive material related to the colour industry, and provided us with images held within the Museum.

We would like to thank Roy Seddon, President Elect of the SDC, for organising and accompanying us on company and university visits relating to the colour industry, and we would like to thank the following people especially:

Peter Johnson, EC Pigments, Stockport.
Veronica Bell, VeebeeTech, Harrogate.
Tony Smith, University of Leeds.
Mick Catterall, Benson-Turner, Bradford.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge all those people who have provided photographs and other images for the website, especially Tony Smith, Sarah Burge and Chris Wilson (BASF), who have given of their time willingly to ensure a wide range of good quality images were available to us. Photographs have been reproduced with the permission of:

Colour Museum, Bradford.
Holliday Pigments, Hull.
EC Pigments, Stockport.
Benson-Turner, Bradford.
VeebeeTech, Harrogate.
Traidcraft plc, Gateshead.
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